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加急 Sales Engineer (销售工程师-行走机械-传感器中国)


MTS传感器中国(MTS Sensors China)

公司规模: 50-100人 公司性质: 外资企业
公司行业: 电力、电气、自动化、热力、锅炉、照明、电池、电源、电缆、LED、光电、能源、仪表等
招聘人数: 1人 提供月薪: 面议
工作性质: 全职 学历要求: 本科及以上
工作年限: 5-10年 年龄要求: 不限
职位类别: 销售经理/销售主管,销售代表/客户经理,销售工程师
工作地点: 北京
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1. Direct Accounts
Works to promote and sell the company’s products by selling to direct accounts. Responsible for developing and securing new OEM accounts.
- With input from the sales manager determine which accounts are the appropriate accounts to be considered direct accounts and work with the local representatives to ensure a consensus.
- Promote the MTS product offering within the direct account.
- Work with the account and MTS management to ensure that the correct level of support is given to the customer and that the product price is the best price that MTS can get at this customer considering the competitive environment.
- Attain a detailed understanding of the customer’s profile. This includes an understanding of the customer’s products markets business conditions and personnel. The sales engineer should understand the various players (i.e. coach, decision-maker, enemy gatekeeper, etc. and general organization chart).
- Assess the technical and product requirements of the customer, make product recommendations assess the need for factory involvement and assure the appropriate level of support.
2. Distribution Network
Responsible for the development of distribution network in assigned territory.
- Establishes distribution network in each geographic area and market segment
- Defines plans, strategies and targets for the distributors in his region in order to consolidate existing business and develop new business in the market segments
- Develops sales programs and provides technical training to the distributors in cooperation with the application engineer
- Holds the regular sales calls with the distributors and setup an open communication with the distributors
3. Territory Management
Works to manage the assigned territory in a professional way
- Approach the territory in an organized way.
- Plan trips such that efficient use of the travel time and travel dollar is achieved.
- Appropriate attention is paid to the various customers. That is a plan is in place which outlines the importance of each major customer/ distributor and the call frequency associated with each.
- A strategy is set for each major customer/distributor and is clearly communicated to management.
- Target accounts are identified and strategies are in place to capture these accounts. These strategies are communicated to management.
4. Sales Forecasts and Goals
Plays a part in forming the company’s forecasts and goals.
- Work with management to produce accurate and reasonable sales forecasts for each coming year.
- Develop strategies that are consistent with the corporate direction and that will ensure the successful achievement of the sales forecast.
- Work diligently to reach the goals by personal involvement and by rallying the correct support(technical and management) from the plant to achieve the goals.
5. Sales Meetings
Participate in sales meeting and other meetings to improve and promote the sales team.
- Participate in building the sales team spirit.
- Work to improve the technical and sales skills of the sales team through training of the sales team. This takes two forms: first learning and second teaching others.
- Participate in the strategic planning for the company.
- Help to solve departmental and company problems.
- Participate in the product planning of the company. i.e. Where is the old product going? What should the new products be?
- Continually upgrades technical and selling skills through formal training, seminars and personal study.
6. Expense Budget
Supports management by creating a reasonable budget and then living within that budget.
- Works with the sales manger to develop a working budget for assigned territory and submit that budget to management for approval.
- Works within the sales budget approved by management.
7. Personal Growth

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MTS传感器中国(MTS Sensors China)




美特斯工业系统(中国)有限公司是MTS系统在中国的全资子公司。 MTS系统公司成立于1966年,在美国NASDAQ独立上市,总部位于美国明尼苏达州,是全球最大的......